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Born May 29, - French nationality




Over 15 years of experience in the energy business.
Study, design, installation, regulation, troubleshooting, maintenance, to take charge of project monitoring of HEATING VENTILATION AIR project PLUMBING SANITARY COLD FIRE


2003                     Maximilien Perret BTS / BAC +2 Operations HVAC   (Gefen) Paris
1998/2000           Gilbert ROMME CAP / BEP / BAC PRO Energy Cold Climate


Responsible program

since 2009

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales. National Center for Space Studies of Toulouse

Control, audit, assessment of facilities, diagnostic studies, development heating, air conditioning.

Project creation
Market research, ideas, products, customers, estimates, sales, means depreciation, working capital needs, income, status, funding training.

Tracker projects € 1.5 million Trade relations, quote for small jobs costing 60-130 k € call to tender. 15-20 people management, recruitment, monitoring of subcontractors.

 Technician office, Assistant Business


CRYSTAL  - Studies and installations Hospital Estaing: 18M €
HVAC, Smoke extraction, plumbing. Design calculation notes, Monitoring designers from March to May.

Studies Clim - Aero and facilities: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, sanitary, fire ...

INTERIM - Design Office Engineering Auvergne.  Installation technician, troubleshooting, multi technical maintenance
ELYO Central East Mediterranean Interim alternating +
ADECCO (Various missions Acting)
ELECTRO-FROID / Gourgouillat Cold Climate Kitchen


2013 INLINGUA Toulouse School of English
2012 British Study Centres School of English London 
2010 Cabinet Segeco (Accounting, Management, Law)
2004 Technical Institute certified Autodesk Autocad 


Languages ​​English pre-intermediate Spanish beginner
Seven computer, pack office (Word, Excel very good)
Licence A, B and E (trailer). coastal boat licence
Misc Real Estate (renovation, rental) Horse riding (rider gallop 7 level), motorbike volleyball, skiing
Recent holdays : Travel Spain, Switzerland, Corsica, Reunion, London.


Capacity for technical analysis, research, technical solutions, proposals, initiative, knowledge manager and team or independently.
Sense of contact, service, organization, customer consulting and business relationship with individuals, public and private agencies, architects, Supervisor.
Intervention in the residential, supermarket, commercial, clinical, hospital, industry, cold storage, computer room, community kitchen, cafeteria.

Project monitoring

Consultation and negotiation suppliers  (quality, time, cost control, procurement).
Estimate the human, financial, cost, work time, costing, tracking project progress, status, execution time, followed by margin and profitability.
Selection of sub-contractors and employees.

Design, implementation and validation studies

Design, distribution plans, reservations, synoptical of boiler stations, and technical facilities:
- Of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, sanitary, fire.
- Networks of gas, compressed air.
- Hydraulic networks heating Hot Water, Ices Water.
- Hydraulic networks sanitary Cold Water, Hot Water Sanitary mixed water, demineralized water.
- Networks evacuations Wastewater, Water Valves, Rainwater.
- Networks extraction ventilation, ventilation, power handling air, smoke.
- Listing, signposting marks labels, referencing technical equipment.
- Summary of distribution networks with other staff.
- Selection of equipment, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, bottles decoupling, expansion tanks.

Creating Excel spreadsheet: Help design, accounting, selection, site supervision

Quantifications, followed by site: Quantitative, surveys, inventories, estimates, quotes, promotions, situations.
Electricity, Energy: balance of power electrical equipment, heat balance-climate
Plumbing, sanitary: hot water, cold water, mixed water, Substations ECS.
Ventilation, smoke extraction: Results ventilation, vents synthesis, extraction grids and insufflation.
Heating, Air Conditioning: Boilers, bottles decoupling radiators (power, type, size)
Networks fluid: Hydraulic Ventilation and Chilled Water, Hot Water, Hot Water, Cold Water, gas, compressed air loss, Ø diameter, insulation, computing closures, line losses, balances.

Followed by execution of projects, coordination of work
Preparation, organization construction, output materials, inventory management, storage, supply, orders, deliveries, reception site, deposits.

Recruitment - Mangement of site staff or consultancy
Recruitment, replacement, planning, team management, interims and contractors.
Planning teams according to the phases of installation, working with contractors.
Control, monitoring the progress of projects in execution costs and deadlines.
Management technicians on the installation and commissioning of systems implemented specifications.
Resolution of contingencies (notes, sketches, minute taking decision of proposals, solution, emergency management)


Installation corrective and preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, optimization, tuning:
Analysis of technical specifications, incorrect installations.
Audit, listing equipment, diagnostic status.
Historical research (surveys, installations, maintenance, stakeholders)
Writing expert reports and advice.
Heat balance, checking power equipment.
Measuring and balancing hydraulic ventilation. (Balancing valves, control registers)
Optimization, setting PLC control, developed for the smooth operation and energy savings without causing discomfort.
Test procedure, test, purge circuits, balancing hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
Setting regulations for optimizing energy savings based on the inertia of the building and the system.
Monitoring compliance (DTU, standards, requirements, installation, various regulations)
Receptions and levees reserves, DOE writing, descriptions of systems installed, operating principle.

Interventions on the following hardware

Installation-maintenance heat pump air / water gas / water water / water chiller positive and negative, cold room, showcase self-service tray freezing.
Settings automated regulation of substations, boiler 3-way valve, 2-way flow control valves, air heaters.
Development of primary and secondary networks (exchangers, decoupling bottles, pumps, variable speed pumps curves, control valves, flow, pressure, discharge) networks Sanitary Hot Water, closures, pressure maintenance, expansion tanks) Roof top, fan coil.
Collective kitchen, demineralized water treatment equipment, oven, hob, deep fryer, washing machine ...
Cooling tower; shock chlorinated anti-Legionella.
Modulating burners, 2 speed, adjusting combustion (fuel oil, gas), sweeping, joints hoax.
Central processing simple air flow, double flow, pressure, flow, filters, belts, lubrication of bearings.
Vacuum-pressure cleanrooms, SAS, Sorbonne.

Data center cabinets refrigerations computer rooms.

Horse rider

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  1. Hi Phil,

    Nice meeting you and talking with you last week.
    Got time to review your CV this morning - very impressive.

    Trust someone will spot it and offer you something more challenging than what you currently do.
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